Photo booth technology has been evolving at a rapid rate for years now and that means a lot more options for customers. One of the latest innovations in the photo booth world is the mirror photo booth. Even if you know someone who loves photo booths and has used a photo booth hundreds of times, there is a good chance they have never experienced a mirror photo booth before. But what is the big difference between a mirror photo booth and a traditional booth?

What is a Mirror Photo Booth?

A mirror photo booth is a device that looks like a large mirror you would see in any home, but the mirror surface has an LED menu on it and acts as the camera. Because of the possibility of sun glare, a mirror photo booth is only used for indoor events where the mirror can be kept out of the glare of lights.

The Experience

A traditional photo booth gives you that familiar experience of getting into the booth, drawing the curtain, and taking goofy pictures with your friends. You never know how the poses are going to look until the pictures either print out, or you get the files sent to your email.

With a mirror photo booth, it is an open experience that is a brand new feeling for booth users. With the mirror surface, you can practice poses in the five seconds it takes to go from picture to picture. The mirror also offers controls directly on its surface, which is different than the traditional booth.

Time to Pictures

For a traditional photo booth, most customers can leave with their pictures on a USB drive a few hours after the pictures are taken. These are high-definition images that can be used in any way the customer wants. A mirror photo booth requires about two days to email the customer their pictures. Once again, these are high-definition images that the customer can print or share in any way they want.


The great thing about a mirror photo booth is that it would fit in very well for a formal event or an event where the photo booth needs to be inconspicuous with the rest of the decor. No traditional photo booth has that elegant look, however a traditional photo booth has a look that will definitely attract attention.

Photo booth technology continues to evolve and Face Place is constantly working to develop photo booths for every occasion. A mirrored photo booth is not better or worse than a traditional booth. They both serve different purposes and are designed for different types of situations. When you are planning your next event, give some thought as to what type of photo booth would best serve your purpose and know that Face Place has the photo booth you need.

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