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Capture those unforgettable moments of laughter and excitement with a FunPic Photobooth

Fun Booth

Capture those fleeting moments of laughter and excitement with a FunPic Photobooth!

Fun Costume

Heading to a costume party? Let your imagination run wild with our huge range of fancy dress for men, women, kids and babies.

Insta Printer

This means no waiting in line and more time to socialize. Your guests can pic at their leisure and pick up their prints anytime during the event.

FunPic Services

Photobooth Fancy Costumes Backdrops Insta Printer Green Screen

Planning your event takes time, money and imagination, and we know from experience the importance of getting it right first time.

Our Photobooth Service


Live view​

The live view screen allows your guest to see themselves and prepare each pose in-between photos. All they have to do is touch the screen to start.

Social Media

As soon as the session ends the images are immediately available where guest can email their photos and GIFs. ​

Compact Design

The Photobooth is our lightest and most portable photo booth and fits comfortably in any vehicle.

Professional Camera

The Photobooth comes with a DSLR for professional image quality.

Unlimited prints

Our printers produce a print every 6 seconds which allows us to offer unlimited on-site prints.

15 Minute Setup

Easy one-person setup that can be completed in just a few minutes. Packing it up is just as quick.

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